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Bulk SMS Service Is A Registered Service By TRAI To Service Provider. We Bulk Sms Sender Are Authorized To Provide Bulk SMS Service In Entire Country.


Express Functionality

BULK SMS SENDER is a Leading Bulk Marketing Services Provider in India. Bulk Marketing is the most cost effective way to drive new sales and warm leads.

Promotional SMS

The Promotional SMS Service is for Businesses who want to send offers and promotions to their existing and new customers.

SMS attachments

Easily insert images, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets & more as shortlinks in your SMS campaigns and grab your customers’ attention.

DND Filters

Promotional With DND Send to both DND as well as non-DND numbers

API Intigration

It's open programming interface will have the capacity to coordinate with any information base.

Transactional SMS

Transactional Route of SMS sending is just used for sending transactional Smses such as bank alerts and OTPs to registered users.

24/7 Customer Support

Bulk SMS Sender, being India's best bulk SMS service provider, offers always-available and responsive support for customers.

Easily communicate with clients using BULK SMS SENDER.

Get your customers in your application, By our BULK SMS SENDER

  • You will get your web panel also
  • Our Simple API for software and website developer can eaisly integrate.
  • Instant Delivery to millions of people.
  • Low price and bestest services we provided

Make your Device Manage Everything For you

  • Phone Contact Access For Campaign.

  • Events & Festival SMS Scheduling

  • Can Send English & Other Language SMS.

  • Whatsapp campaigns & Voice call Login.


Install the App

Go to playstore and download bulk sms sender and eaisly install the application.

Choose the Plan

you can eaisly choose the plans according to your needs.

Enjoy the features!

After take the packages you get the all the features from our sides.

App Features

Princing & Plans


  • 5000 SMS
  • 6 Month Validity
  • Promotional & Transactional
  • User Sender ID
  • Full Support
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  • 10000 SMS
  • 1 Year Validity
  • Promotional & Transactional
  • User Sender ID
  • Full Support
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  • 50000 SMS
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Promotional & Transactional
  • User Sender ID
  • Full Support
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  • 100000 SMS
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Promotional & Transactional
  • User Sender ID
  • Full Support
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1. Single SMS – Instantly send upto 10000 numbers
2. Group SMS – Store contacts in the group and send SMS
3. Excel 2 SMS Static – Send SMS from contacts stored in Excel (only .xls file)
4. Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – Send Dynamic SMS from contacts and content stored in Excel (only .xls file)

Single SMS – 10,000 SMS
Group SMS – 2,00,000 SMS
Excel 2 SMS Static – 65,000 SMS
Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – 65,000 SMS

Sender ID is the Name which goes in the Header of the SMS . It can be alpha numeric and is of 6 characters. Eg : BLKSMS. It can be your company name, product name or any other names.

1 Credit is a message with 160 characters.

Template is the stored message which is used often. You can start creating by going to Push SMS -> Add Templates. You can use it when sending Single , Group , Excel to File Static, Excel File to Dynamic SMS

Call +91 9617066669 within 30 mins of raising complaint and we will be very happy to assist you.

Bulk sms sender is available on play store

bulk sms sender appliction is available on playstore. You can directly download the free applicationg and get the benefits

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