Company respects your privacy and will keep your personal data in strict confidence and shall not use it beyond the scope of this Agreement without your written consent.

These Terms and the services hereunder shall be governed by the laws of India. Any disputes and differences arising under or relating to these Terms shall be resolved by arbitration as per Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996 by a single Arbitrator to be appointed by the Company. Note: We are not liable to send any update via email and SMS about terms and condition so please read terms and condition time to time and be updated.

Promotional Messages will be Scrubbed i.e. messages will not terminate on DND numbers except for NCPR (based on customers preference)

Transactional Messages will NOT be Scrubbed i.e. messages will be terminated on DND numbers.

Promotional Messages will be delivered from 9AM to 9PM only.
Transactional Messages will be delivered 24 x 7.

Need To register in DLT PLATFORM As Business Entity Or Telemarketer with There Business KYC (PAN, SHOP LICENSE, GST CERTIFICATE).
Recommend DLT PLATFORM -
Telemarketer Id (Kurmi Online) -
Use our given Telemarketer I'd to complete process of Maping Telemarketer.
In DLT PLATFORM 6 Letter Sender ID & Content Approvel Option Available. You have to request For Sender ID & Content Approvel. For This Process we are not responsible for Sender ID and Content Approvel, If they rejects.

Messages will have Unique sender IDs based on the categories as listed in NCPR. Categories are as follows:

Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards

Real Estate



Consumer goods and automobiles


Tourism and Leisure

None of the above categories

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